Noobie Emulator User here (rogue galaxy)
Greetings everyone, I'm new in using PCSX2.
To sum it all up I can't seem to find the right settings for my cpu
just as others experience. In my case, I wanna play Rogue Galaxy
and reading forums and guides blows my mind further and further.
Can you guys help me? Below is an attachment of my CPU specs,
if you guys can help me with this one, I might understand what needs to
done to what field and what not to do on what field.

[Image: cpuz.jpg]

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The snapshots are not helping, they show the CPU working at something like 1/4 the nominal speed. No information about your video card and no information about the PCSX2 settings used.

Since the CPU has 2 cores you must not use the MTVU hack. Try first the VU cycle stealing hack at the second notch and possibly will need the EE cyclestealing one notch.

Try first the game in native resolution (set it in the GSDX plugin).

The above setup should give you 60FPS in most part of the game, you may experiment some slowdown in some points.

If it works so, then you may try increasing the internal resolution to 2x, just than without knowing the video card there is no way to say much.

AMD is not problematic with the Windows power management, even then you should monitor the actual speed of the CPU while playing (do the tests in windowed mode so to access the monitor without interrupting the emulation. The speed should be the nominal value.

Take note of the values (in percents) for EE and GS as the FPS as well, report back with that information if still having speed troubles.

Edit: the above three values are shown in the title bar when in windowed mode.
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isn't it mentioned there? sorry my bad sir. Well imma be off to bed, your help is much much appreciated. I will report to you as soon as i tried those helpful thoughts.
Sorry about the video card, it is indeed shown, my bad. It's an outdated model but I think it will work with 2x resolution. You can try increasing it but may not compensate and give you more trouble.

As general guideline, if EE shows a high percentage of utilization, above 90% when the slowdown occurs, the CPU is being the bottleneck. The speed hacks may help it more than anything else.

If GS is showing high percentage then reducing the internal resolution will help the most.
Imagination is where we are truly real
For general FPS, the CPU will be a bottleneck. Being an AMD dual core that isn't helping matters much.

Experiment with nosisab's hack suggestions. That is honestly how most people find out what will make a game run.

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