Normal FPS with weird lag problem -low gpu usage
It started all in sudden yesterday, dont recall anything that i ve done to change system or graphic driver etc. (it had been working fine without any prob)

FPS is at 60, sound is being played nicely however there is lag / graphic skip (as if FPS is extreamly low) and somehow GPU usage is 1%

If I keep doing eg. saving /esc then execute, occasionaly lag goes off and GPU usage goes above.
But chance of getting lag is very high.
Lag even happens at PlayStation2 logo (no game disk loaded)

I ve tried PCSX2 beta version , changing driver, changing speedhack option etc but noone solved problem.

Anyone know what could be causing this low GPU usage?

System WindowsXP SP3
Intel Core 2 duo E6750 oc 3.2
Geforce 9800GT
using GSdx 890 SSSE3


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