Normal to be getting 11-16 FPS on games?
I've been playing around with the configurations and I noticed that fullscreen works the best. Whenever it was windowed I would get about 30 fps on the menus (Dragon ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi for example) but when I switched it to fullscreen I got the full 50/60

HOWEVER Whenever a cut scene finishes and it gets down to the real game (Im talking about dragon quest 8 and dbz budo tenk 3) I get about 11-16 FPS no matter what settings I chose

Im using windows Vista 32 bit Home premium
I have an ATI radeon 3450 HD 256 memory
2.2/2.2 ghz Pentium Dual Core which is about 4.9 ghz P4 single core


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You can't expect good framerates on that weak CPU. Sorry...
(03-07-2009, 02:47 AM)Krakatos Wrote: You can't expect good framerates on that weak CPU. Sorry...

Id hardly call it weak :l Its not good but u cant call it weak...if anything that was rather ignorant of a forum admin to say

good trolling
If you had bothered to read the FAQ, maybe you would know that your pc is not that nice for pcsx2. If you had bothered to do a search, you would know that Dragon ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi is a very taxing game.

But you obviously did not, and so you saw fit to simply take my simple reply as "trolling" as you say.
That said, closed and warned.
This is the second time you've posted your specs and indicated that a 2.2ghz Dual Core is equivalent to a 4.9ghz P4. The first time I let it slide. This time, nah.

Firstly, there are two distinct models of P4, which are in fact so vastly different that they should have been considered separate CPUs. These are the P4s prior to Prescott, and the P4 Prescott (which had Hyperthreading and hidden 64-bit mode). Now your claim could feasibly be accurate in regards to the pre-Prescott P4s, since they lacked Hyperthreading, although to measure dual cores as a simple *2 multiplier of your CPU clock speed is pretty ignorant of the real technical complications that befall certain apps when they try to run parallel threading. Indeed, Pcsx2 is one of these apps. Some 50% of your second core is overhead needed to safely run the GS as a parallel unit, which means you only get a 50% speed boost most of the time from using MTGS.

Hence, as far as Pcsx2 is concerned, your 2.2ghz CPU is roughly equivalent to a 3.3 ghz single core, or about a 4.2 ghz P4 factoring in the superior caching, branch prediction, and SSE support of the Core2.

However! If you want to compare with the P4 Prescott, which is the only P4 model capable of running Pcsx2 with any reasonable success, the whole thing changes. Despite what people say, HT works remarkably well, especially for what Pcsx2 uses it's secondary thread for. Additionally, the Prescott doesn't have some of the bottlenecks the other P4s had (namely related to SSE). As far as Pcsx2 is concerned, a Prescott clocked at 3.2ghz in HT mode is generally going to match a Core 2 Duo 2.2ghz, with the exception of a few particularly SSE-intensive games.

Furthermore, all of this is irrelevant because the same thing I said the last time you complained is still the same thing here:

Your main problem is not your cpu. Your problem is your video card. You could have an i7 attached to that 3450 and you'd still get crap framerates. ATIs do not run Pcsx2 well. Fact. The end.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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