Not Locating .iso file (soul calibur III)
Hey guys, I'm new to pcsx2 and I wanted to play soul calibur III. I have the Soulcalibur III.iso file saved
in the bios folder 

The path is: 

C:\Users\MyPC\Documents\PCSX2\bios\Soulcalibur III\Soulcalibur III.iso

The problem is that upon loading pcsx2, when it asks me to select a BIOS to run, I tell the 
program to look in this location and upon hitting refresh, nothing shows up (the iso file isn't found when it's there which is weird)
I have my file explorer set to show hidden items, etc. 

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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bios and iso file are not the same things.

dump the bios from your ps2, there is info about this in the stickies
Ok, thank you for your help!

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