Not Reading BIOS in Folder
Hi I am fairly new to using this emulator and have read the configuring manual and did a lot of searching about my problem but still have no answer.
I have an FFX ISO file in my BIOS folder and everything but whenever I set the correct paths to the file it say that there are no BIOS in that folder to read basically.
I am using the Linuz plugin and everything but here are some pics of my problem.
Message I recieve when I try to File=>Run CD/DVD
[Image: th_Untitled-1_edited-1.jpg]
My Configurations:
[Image: th_Untitled-2copy.jpg]

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BIOS is not a game ISO. A BIOS file is something you need to dump from your PS2.
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a BIOS has a name like SCPH-10000.bin (this is one mentioned in the official guide) it's not an ISO

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