Not close to full frame rate, yet only 75% cpu load
i'm currently playing FF-X using PCSX2 PG.
What i noticed is, even though often the frame rate drops down to 25-35, the cpu load on neither core(X2 6000+) is close to 100%.
and the graphic card, a gf 9800 hardly is the bottleneck.

my best guess would be it's got something to do with syncronization of the threads.
otherwise this scenario is a puzzler...

on a related note: atleast in FF-X using "frame skip" results in ugly repeats, so instead of seeing your character
running he's doing the same step twice then skip's the next. it feels like the result is just as slow without F/S but
uglier :/


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This is not a bug.

It is not physically possible to utilize 100% of both cores during the emulation process. Most commonly the GPU needs to wait on information from the EmotionEngine emulator in order to render scenes. Emulating the EE is very complicated and can only be done from a single core. Likewise the EmotionEngine sometimes must wait for the GPU to finish rendering a scenes (if the scene in question is complex or your video card weak).
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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