Not found Cheats file.
I recently started with emulators (using PCSX2 only once in the past) and have done a little research into PCSX2, so I ask for patience.

I wanted to get myself a nostalgia fix by playing some Need For Speed Undergrounds 2. I wanted to play with cheats and to my dismay, Gameshark didn't work. (I understand why, this is not the problem.)
Not understanding quite how the cheat system worked, I opted for the easier option, and find the .pnach file on, 'GameHacking(dot)org,' because it had all of the cheat codes found and converted for me. I also ran those cheats through the converter to be sure. I had then altered the name of the given file to "F5C7B45F.pnach" to match the games CRC code the PCSX2 CMD prompt gave me.
Finding that my cheats were not active I scoured the CMD prompt and I found the line that says, "Not found Cheats file." (See Pic 3).
From what I understand all the cheats are in the correct format, ie. patch=1,EE,20501A88,extended,05F5E0FF (all 1's no 0's) and I still get this. 
I'm at the end of my mental ability to find what's wrong. Please help me.

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since it asks for a file in documents/pcsx2/cheats, drop your cheat file there
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Move your whole cheats folder while you at it
The installer version looks for the memory cards,save states,settings,cheats,bios and probably something else I am forgetting in Documents\PCSX2
(12-16-2021, 12:55 PM)jesalvein Wrote: since it asks for a file in documents/pcsx2/cheats, drop your cheat file there

That is just odd to me. That is backwards from everything I've read so far, saying I should avoid that file at all costs. But regardless it seemed to have worked, next time I'll read the prompt a little more closely. Thank you.
The portable version of pcsx2 read files from folders that are inside the pcsx2.exe folder
The installer version reads the same files but from Documents\PCSX2

The purpose of this is,you install pcsx2 then uninstall it and install a newer version or just reinstall pcsx2
PCSX2 will look for the files in Documents again which are not touched while uninstalling pcsx2

The portable version,if you want to use a newer portable version,you have or either overwrite the old one or move the folders to the new one
If you delete the pcsx2 folder of the portable version,you will lose all of your progress

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