Not full FPS when EE&GS are ~20%
Ok, this is weird. the emulator has always worked well for me, but i am currently using a TV minotor with a HDMI cable.

All of a sudden, if make the window bigger, the FPS go down to 45 or so, but it still shows the EE&GS as barely used.

This is not when i change GSDX or anything: just by making the window bigger with the top right button.

Any idea why?

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Probably Aero causing issues. Are you using the latest 0.9.7 beta?
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yes, using the latest beta.

I... don't think i am using Areo. In fact, i know i am using old-style background.
I get a loss in performance when I use an HDMI with a (big) TV over a regular VGA or my laptops screen. I'd guess the use of HDMI with a bigger screen is simply more intensive for you GPU. When you maximize the window, your making an even larger image to render through HD. Just speculating, but you wouldn't happen to be using a more mid range GPU than high, would you?
HDMI shouldn't be a problem. I'm using HDMI and I've never had that problem even with crappy Intel HD graphics (i3-530). Are you, by chance, using a laptop? Also, what power profile are you using?
Known issue with GS thread %'s being mis-reported in the 0.9.7 betas. You can read details about why this happens on our Developer's Blog:
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
i must also say that opening the emu in fullscreen seems to solve the problem, as it apparently goes full speed there.

I should also add that my normal monitor also is HDMI, but is a real "computer monitor", and the same games were perfect on it whatever i did.

a last question: is there a way to go from windowed mode to fullscreen? as using escape to change things or just pause the game means i have to reboot as i can't play in window'd mode.
Try Alt+Enter
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