Not sure if this is a problem with Linuz or game itself
First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section... first post on here.

Okay, last night, I downloaded the emulator, and I set it up, and I know it works because it'll take me to the Playstation 2 Menu screen. Now, I downloaded Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, and set it up with the Linuz ISO 0.9.0 Plugin. I tested it, and it said it was a success and running properly. So, I go to run CD/DVD, and the main screen pulls up, and starts Not Responding. Then, it says "Error running (file name for KH2FM)," then after that "Error with CDVD Plugin," or something like that. Then, I'll go to configure, test it, and it'll say "Test Failed. This Plugin may not work properly." I'm not sure if it's Linuz, or the game itself.

So, I've been scratching my head for a while now trying to make it work. If anyone could lend a hand, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Seto

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Quote:I downloaded Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

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