Not sure whats going on..
I got everything downloaded.. I got the bios.. I'm pretty sure I got everything. I pop the disk into my comp and press the boost thing cdvd it says

(pxActionEvent)IsoFS could not find the root directory on the ISO image.
(thread:EE core)
File/Object: IsoFS
Forced software switch enabled
(gameDB unloading)

then my thing says this program has stopped working.. what's wrong?Wacko

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What's the full message you get? And wait... you downloaded both the game and the bios?
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You could post the emulog.txt. And screens of your plugins/settings couldnt hurt either.

@Shadow Lady, you shouldnt go fishing. He did not specifically say he downloaded the bios or the game.
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File/Object: IsoFS <-- you said you were using a disk.. okay.. IOPRP248.IMG is NOT an iso file... if you are going to use the original disc, use Gigaherz CDVD or Peops CDVD
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