Not using full core...
I have a question.
PCSX2, with FF X, reports me (i said PCSX2, not the task manager) that it is using 35% of my CPU.
I'm using limiter, and I get 45 FPS in some "strong" areas. But with 40% of my cpu...or this PCSX2 is saying.
Why PCSX2 doesn't use more cpu to get 50 FPS? (PAL game, so full speed).
My pc, (now it isn't OC'd) is an Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 Ghz - Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT - 4 GB RAM - Windows Vista ultimate 32 BIT.

I'm not using Speed Hacks, and I'm using Gsdx plugin 0.1.14 with DX9 (with DX10 I have some problems and I can't use full screen...), and internal resolution 1680x1050.
I really tried using zerogs or change options in the Gsdx plugin, but it didn't work.
I'm using the latest SVN version.

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Quote:Does the emulator support 4 cores?
No, currently only 2 cores are used. To make Pcsx2 efficiently use 3 or more cores will require major code changes. So don't ask when quad-core support will be available, since it won't anytime soon!

Furthermore most of the time one thread limits the other. That means one core will be utilized at 100%, one will do some work ( most likely < 100% usage ) and two will idle. Thus with a QuadCore you will get 50% CPU utilization at most.
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And if you're talking about the CPU %xx percentage that GSDX shows at the titlebar, that's GSDX-only. If its low, that means that speed is limited by the PCSX2 thread.

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