Noticable glitches in several games.
Hi, new here to the scene, gonna say first off, this is an amazing thing of software that helps bring me the joys of old school games to life, but some games seem to have a few minor glitches that tend to ruin the experience some what, or just feel off putting, starting with ...

duelists of the roses, when engaging in card vs card battle, it seems to enter into an all to close unusually angled frame, which can kind of hurts the eyes (atleast for me.)

Hulk, ultimate destruction, seems to continuously turns the entire screen green when any form of destruction occurs, a minor glitch but one worth noting.

Ultimate Spiderman, all the environments seem to glitch into static and other bits of code.

Crash Bandicoot tag team racing seems to freeze a random intervals, but does not effect over all gameplay when racing, which is a good surprise.

Capsule monster coliseum, and shaman king power of the spirit does not start at all.

these are the only few games i have noticed that have issues operating properly, but i hope this catches the eyes of the developers and they can help fix it.

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