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Nuvee - PS1/PS2 input plugin supporting lightguns by Shalma
(10-22-2011, 11:36 PM)shalma Wrote: Uhmm... we would need several things
- a USB probe of Eyetoy (ex. vendor id, product id, HID class, ..)
- figure out Eyetoy command list (likely to be USB communication to device)
- either fake webcam motion using mouse and / or learn how win32 webcam works

Not easy. But Guncon2 wasn't easy either. Smile

(edit: not sure who could pull off all 3 prereqs though. :o )

Hmm i remember one of the devs said that they were using the Eyetoy as a webcam in an old thread somewhere.

L.E: It was Refraction on this thread:
kinda old though. XD

[Image: hqk0cw-6.png]

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(10-23-2011, 08:51 PM)legend Wrote: How can I get this working exactly? I've been trying to figure this out. I too am very, very excited to finally get some wiimote support for my rail shooters. Hope that continues to get refined and improved - much needed thing for the emu.

I'm actually glad you asked. When I get the PCSX2 end sorted out, I'm going to write a full tutorial. While I'm at it, I'll add some info on how to get the WiiMote working in other programs.

For starters, you have to download The Toid's WiiMouse program. With that, you can use the Mouse Pointer mode for programs like pSX and Nebula. For MAME and PCSX2, the PPJoy mode is necessary. Those two setups do require some tweaking and profile-loading, which I hope to write about in-depth later this year.

I haven't had the proper time to fiddle with the latest Nuvee revision, but I intend on working on a good way to get the WiiMote working 100% with PCSX2. Shalma has brought WiiMote support 90% of the way, but, through testing/trial and error, I need to overcome a few final hurdles before everything's functioning correctly.

As always, I'm extremely thankful to Shalma for working so hard to help me realize this concept. You've done a ton for me and other WiiMote enthusiasts. (Not to mention that WiiMote owners won't need to spend $100+ on Aimtrak's and EMS TopGun's.) I am extremely grateful.
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Ok, thanks for the reply and wish you good luck on your tutorial and further wiimote improvements. From the looks of it, it's not quite working, so I'll just hang tight for now. But please continue your efforts - it is something a lot of people will love to have!
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Shalma, I could really use your assistance.

I'm using Ultrimarc AimTrak and PCSX2 with Nuvee to try play time crisis 2/3/crisis zone and some other lightgun games but I can't figure out how to get accurate calibration. When I load the calibration screen I have to shoot quite far above and to the right of the X to get the shot recognized and the inaccuracy is unplayable.

I figure using profiles like in the nuvee_psx_guncon profiles is how you fix this problem but I don't know how to use them? I can see how to change sensitivity but I don't know what or how to change things like :

time_crisis3 "Time Crisis 3 (E)"
75.00 90.25 260 164
custom 512 256

would really appreciate your help Smile
First some praise. This is the only guncon pcsx2 plugin right? exactly what i need to play through Time Crisis 2 and 3 that i just noticed was finally working. And now some comments and suggestions regarding the mouse input (i.e. controlling the guncon with a PC mouse).

1) Why the hardcoded "SetCursorPos( x,y );"? it's such a practical nightmare. if you attempt to move the window the cursor and the window is moved to the end of the screen, if you attempt to resize the window the window width or height is minimized.

2) Why only delta based mouse input?, i.e. get_raw_mouse_x_delta() and di_mousestate.lX. delta based mouse position are not perfectly accurate over time because of delta loss, if you write a
data_x += di_mousestate.lX;
program a certain position on the screen, for example the center of the screen, will not have the exact same value over time because the delta reports are not perfect. A GetCursorPos() is always accurate and seems better.

3) Can you place this in a public svn?, so we can fix and improve it easier, with an issues system etc.

Attached is the modified plugins for those that agree with me on the above points, the SetCursorPos() is removed and the mouse position comes from GetCursorPos(). the hardcoded values are calibrated for time crisis 2 and 3 respectively, tc2 hanged on the level loading screen with nuvee_ps2_usb.dll and pcsx2-r4600-usb.exe which is why i had to build nuvee_ps2_pad.dll too for tc2.


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Whatever you did John, my accuracy is perfect now, from the problems I was having in the post above yours. BUT two problems have arisen,

Problem 1: my settings don't save. For some reason I need it to remember under nuvee pad settings that port 2 = guncon or it doesnt register any commands from the gun ie. pulling trigger/side buttons etc. Why doesn't it just remember that Port 2 is set to Guncon, it keeps changing it back to None everytime I load a game. By fluke a couple times it remembers and then I can play and the accuracy is perfect.

Problem 2: Crashes constantly - Says pcsx2 - usb has performed an error close now. And the few fluke times I got it to register shots and was able to shoot accurately are ruined and I have to spam select Port 2 as guncon and load games till it remembers and I can play -- till it crashes again.

Any ideas?
(10-27-2011, 09:48 PM)sean2evo Wrote: Whatever you did John, my accuracy is perfect now, from the problems I was having in the post above yours. BUT two problems have arisen
ok cool. I'm surprised my build still worked with the AimTrak since I disabled both Raw Input and DInput in Update_Guncon2() and replaced it with GetCursorPos(), i.e. mouse cursor position. However if the AimTrak translates to mouse cursor movements that will work.

(10-27-2011, 09:48 PM)sean2evo Wrote: Problem 1
I had that problem too when I forgot to place portable.ini in the pcsx2 dir.

(10-27-2011, 09:48 PM)sean2evo Wrote: Problem 2
nuvee_ps2_usb.dll was crashing constantly for me too with recent pcsx2 revisions, before the changes I made at least. Besides, both TC2 and TC3 hangs all the time with recent revisions together with nuvee_ps2_usb.dll (which presence may or may not cause additional problems), so the games are unplayable anyway even barring crashes. I've not been able to play TC2 with nuvee_ps2_usb.dll in any scenario, I therefore use nuvee_ps2_pad.dll for TC2, for TC3 I use pcsx2-r4600-usb.exe with nuvee_ps2_usb.dll, TC3 doesn't support guncon1 and therefore has no help from nuvee_ps2_pad.dll.
I am playin Time Crisis: Crisis Zone (the only game i have), but when I hit the mouse buttons it doesnt do anything.
I've tried many different settings but it doesnt work.
For example: Port 1: Guncon. Crisis zone profile and hit acquire. Left:Trigger. Right: A. Middle: B. Raw Input. I dont know what else im missing.
I downloaded different versions of the plugin and it is the same, and my mouse is serial.
Please can you tell me if theres anything wrong? And sorry being such a noob...
Hello, all. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

I've been working on the WiiMouse setup off and on whenever I found the time. I have sad news, though - I could not get GlovePIE working correctly with WiiMouse and Nuvee. Sadly, GlovePIE has the bad habit of disconnecting the WiiMote, even when The Toid's WiiMouse program is not in use. Having that been said, I don't believe the WiiMote can be set up in Nuvee without additional Gamepad options in the plugin itself. However, I'm aware that that would require a ton of work.

Shalma, if you don't mind me asking, do you have any thoughts on the issue? Is there anything that can be done?
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## Summary

These changes are located at

* enabling multi player by fixing the the mouse detection so that the system mouse isn't detected for all mice

* the SnapCursor() and SetCursorPos() section in PADpoll_guncon is fixed so that both mice can move the cursor because it's hard to calibrate the guncon otherwise

* adding option to disable off screen shot fixing for off screen shot because it can unintentionally be used when aiming close to the edge of the screen

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