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Nuvee - PS1/PS2 input plugin supporting lightguns by Shalma
Greetings everyone,
Posting here for the very first time.I have been recently playing Time Crisis (2 and 3) and plan to play other rail shooters.Question is regarding the mouse support via Nuvee plugin as i would like to play with a friend/partner is it possible to play with 2 mice at the same time, i have 2 usb mice but only one it only detects it as one pointer is there a work around to make it work? I read in the notes that probably a serial mouse maybe required but in this day and age it's not easy to get a serial mouse, plus the distance between my couch and tv is a bit far so a wired mouse seems highly unlikely at this point.Need help and guidance.
One another question is that when playing split screen (mouse + controller) the aiming seems off target quite a few times (probably with a controller to) but in single player targeting is spot on. Also keeping in mind i do configure my mouse when the calibration screen pops up before the main title screen.


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Make sure you use raw input
set to guncon (p2 works for me on almost all games)
acquire your mouse
important: pick a profile for the game you want
some game will require x/y tweaking - split screen games like TC2 will need custom x/y
Activate "Mouse Hack" to help with calibration screens, turn off after

After days of fussing, I can finally play all guns games perfectly with 2 players and various input devices: mouse,  wiimote (via dolphinbar) and my aimtrak guns.

The plugin actually provides 100% functionality, but really only 20% done with usability/interface. Smile

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Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.3 ghz. (Sandy Bridge CPU) / Asus P8P67 / 4 Gig Ram / GeForce GTX 660/ Creative X-fi / Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit
Hello everyone,

I just want to know that you guys have an ability to use the webcam for Police 24/7 so that I can use light gun controller for the PC and play like it's in the arcade game. Also, is the Link Option working for Time Crisis 2 and 3?

This is my first post and sorry for the bump.
Hi everyone,
I was curious to know if it was possible to use "nuvee" plugin on ubuntu/linux too...
If it isn't, is there another way to make mouse/guncon work on linux emulator in order to play games like time crisis?
Thanks in advance for the reply!
Hum, it seems that this plugin cause the network acces disc to crash PCSX2, anyone else have this issue with the plugin?
I am new on this forum.
And I am agree with cecio99. Would be this plugin included into the next version of PCSX2 on linux ? Or would it be possible to convert it in for linux ? That would be great.
I will follow this thread closest !!
Have a nice day, and a merry good year.

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