Nuvee not holding controller config
So I got my Aimtrak working in PCSX2 with nuvee, but every time I close the emulator it resets the Port 1 setting to null instead of Guncon 2 and I have to re-acquire. I've tried running it in admistrator mode and trying to make it not read-only, thinking maybe it was a permissions issue. It seems to reset back to Read Only though when I close it... Any idea how to make it keep the controller setting? I'm using v 1.4.0 in Windows 10. Thanks in advance!

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The development of Nuvee has been discontinued for some time - Shalma could never figure out why the device would keep resetting either.

Quote:At the time, only Resident Evil Survivor 2 wouldn't work with the Guncon 2 + r4600. Game would keep 'resetting' the device it seemed from USB logs. Never figured out why. But Guncon 1 works with the game so I let it slide.

You will have to keep configuring the plugin every restart. The possibility of an update is unlikely right now.

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