Nuvee problem - list of games doesn't appear
Hello everyone, and thanks.

I apologize if this specific question has already been asked, I read the long topic about the plugin, but found no apparent solution to my problem (which might be very silly as well).

Here goes:

Following the useful thread on how to setup Nuvee, I managed to get it to recognize my mouse, but I can't select games from the USB-Guncon 2-Settings  window: 

the bar on the lower left corner only shows  '(--Custom--) use custom values', and nothing else.

 despite the fact that two light gun games have been already loaded (Time Crisis 2 and 3). 

I tried to move the game files to the PCSX2 folder (I usually keep them on a separate storage unit) but to no avail.

It's no problem for me to play the games with a gamepad, but I wanted to understand what the problem was.

My specs are: 

Intel Core 14570S 2.90 Ghz 8 GB RAM Win7 x64 

PCSX2 version is the latest one: 1.6.0.

Thank you. Again feel free to delete this if the question has been already answered.

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