Nvidia and FPS question
I was messing about with my nvidia controld panel and i added pcsx2 for application control. The 2 settings which i enabled were threaded optimization and sli optimization. I dont know know if this causes problems or not but my FPS have been more stable when playing heavier games, i dunno maybe its my wishful thinking but i would like to know if anybody tried this before?

Second why does 30 fps is so noticeably slow? Some modern HD games for 360/PS3 are set to 30 fps and are playable just fine. Just curious.
OS: Win Vista 64bit. Proc: Intel Q9400. 4gb ram. Sli 9800S

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It's wishful thinking.
For PS2 games, 50 FPS is full speed for PAL and 60 FPS for NTSC games, it has nothing to do with FPS in PC games
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