OMG OMG OMG KH2 FUlly works :O no grey screens or slows
You guys made my day, i dont know why this isnt all over the boards because KH2 fix was supposed to be a extremely hard fix and no known fixes for it, this is a huge step for the pcsx2 community seeing as with this fix we may be one step closer to a fully playable and functional ps2 emulator, and to show my gratitude is it possible to donate money to you guys?

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Yes you can.Go to the site and there is a Make a donation button at the bottom.
You didn't have to add 3 OMGs in the topic though to ask this Tongue
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Im sorry I was just so excited lol.
I remember that I was excited like this when FFX was playable Smile)
it still does at points, but they're few and far between now. Grandstander seems to do it for me every time Angry
Can you just share your specs and configs for it to be playable, Thundas? Here in the forums there seem to be several users who are yet having trouble with this game. I haven't tried it yet, but with my recently luck I suppose I would not be the exception...

8800GT 512 MB, 3 gigs of ddr2 ram and Q6600 2.40
KH2 works well? Not bad, not bad Laugh Gz devs
You can get the latest beta if you want to play it
it's looks better now and no hidden garbage graphic slowdowns
i'm now re-issuing and re-upload my videos in my Youtube soon.
i gonna delete my old KH2 videos.

thanks for the good news.
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