OMG! Thanks!!!
Thanks dudes! I could never get PCSX to work. Took awhile to get my bios off the unit. I checked out all my games and only Japanese versions of Gundam 0079 One year War(needed to use software driver) and a Japanese Ninja style game. It was like that one ninja game with the girl, but was last one they did, never released in America. That one the screen was split horizontally in half.

Anyways I downloaded the updated GSdx sse2, sse4, etc package and tried that! BAM!! Gundam and Ninja Game both displayed!! So all my games work!!!

Im gonna keep my flip top PS2 pristine, buy another controller, and just use my PC to play!!

Best thing is my PC video card makes it look 100 times better!!

Genji looks insane! Thanks!!LaughEvil

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Glad to hear that. Cool

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