OSD postion?
I see 1.6.0 has been release congratulation and we moved on to 1.7.0 dev builds. It been while since I kept up with this and so switch out my old 1.5.0 stable for 1.6.0 and my dev build for 1.7.0

And my games are look good and still play good I do have some questions though? is there way for my move the position of OSD ? also I am assuming GSdx FX Suite v2.40 has not really change much sinceĀ  1.6.0 dev builds and seeing as I had back up of it cause I changed setting and enable and some features. can I copy my back in the shader folder? or has thing change in it?

PCSX2 is probably only reason I still have external optical drive for when I get to urge to play one of my ps2 games I just make iso copy of original game disc and play it threw pcsx2. I happy pcsx2 is alive an kicking after all these years and cause frankly the way ps2 game look when hook up my ps2 to 1080p tv let alone 4k one is god awfull, with in minutes my eyes say frack that go back to PCSX2

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