.Obj Support later versions?
I realized that I replied on an older thread and figured I wasn't going to get results that way, so, sorry about that mistake, first of all! 

 From the forums I've read, .obj support was removed after version 0.9.8 when trying to snap models from a running game. So, I've tried running my game with 0.9.8 to try to get a few models, however, the emulator freezes after the splash screen. I figured the problem is that the game is listed as version 1.3.1, so I assume 0.9.8 can't run later games.

 Is there a way to rip .obj models for later versions of PCSX2? Right now, I can only get .gs and .bmp files. So far, older forums have yet to help me as there's no definite solution. I'm still new to model ripping and I want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. Plus, every tutorial on youtube I've seen supports the 0.9.8 version.

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