Obscure 2 multi 5 really strange thing
Well if i use reboot cdvd fast the game is english, from saves too, and i can use action replay codes, if i use full reboot cdvd the game is in italian and action replay codes doesn't work. And the log windows say boot 1.60 bios europe forever in the title window...

There is a way to force italian language in fast reboot ? Or i can do something on this thing ?

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i'm trying with the latest bios (2.0 ) and i can't set the language in ps2 browser because i can't see the text and the game start in german but with bios the codes are loaded O_O

[Image: pcsx2exe0094526.th.jpg]

seems i solved...
disable the EE Timing hack.
with the latest bios i can leave ee timing hack and i can load italian language with fast reboot. Thanks ^^
EE timing hack breaks the bios regardless of version...... and latest.... eh... say no more or the thread will be closed. don't ask don't tell.
Oh God sorry...

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