Occasional Slowdown and crashing
I've been running Kingdom Hearts on my Windows laptop and it usually runs fine, at 60fps, for awhile (about 30-45 minutes). After that point it will slow down a huge amount and run at about 30fps. These periods last for about 3 minutes until it goes back to normal for a little while.

The application also freezes randomly every so often and needs to be reset.

Are there are plug-ins/configurations that may help with this? I'm more concerned with the freezing than the slowdowns but I'm hoping both issues can be fixed.

I have a Studio 1747 with a quadcore i7 processor that clocks around 1.6 gHz without any encouragement (I've avoided any overclocking for added stability)

it has 8GB of DDR3 ram
a 120GB Sata III SSD
a 500GB 7200rpm 64mb cache HDD
a 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 video card.

I'm also running a ps3 controller to it via usb and using that as the input if that matters.

All plugins and settings are set to their default values

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You could try to download latest PCSX2 SVN and enable MTVU speed hax along with recommended ones since you got a quad core processor...


Also, try ticking "Native" in GSdx and see if it helps...

Don't forget to set your power plan to "High Performance"...
check ur temp when using pcsx2, http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php cause maybe thats ur problem.
archer your recommendations seem to have worked as I have not had any speed issues. I'll post back if anything happens.

Thank you both!!!

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