Occasional freeze when toggling frame limiting
I've noticed this happening with Persona 4 and svn 5226. I got back into PCSX2 with this game and it's the first time I've experienced this.

It's not a gamebreaker. I switch frame limiting often, and maybe 1 in 50 times the game will freeze. Pressing ESC to pause won't work. But I can go to the main PCSX2 window and click Pause under the System menu, followed by Resume to continue playing.

Just thought I would mention it in case others have noticed it, and didn't know they could recover their game.
Thanks to everyone who works on PCSX2 and its components. It's awesome to play on PC and it just keeps getting better!

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Well from personal experiance I tend to avoid using F4 whenever there is a loading screen or a black screen etc. Saving/loading states can also be iffy from my experiance if timed badly.

But maybe that was coincidental

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