Odd Sly Cooper problem.
Hello I'm new to the forum and just started emulating some of my games. I ran into this problem with Sly Cooper where the camera isn't centered on the characters faces when they are talking.

The games runs fine at 60 fps.

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Can you post your emulog?
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(06-03-2014, 02:25 AM)KeyToTruth12 Wrote: Can you post your emulog?

Sure. here you go.

EDIT: I just figured out that it's the widescreen hack that's doing it. Did I install the hack wrong? I put it in cheats and then enabled WS hacks in the menu.

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The "TV camera" is fixed in the latest widescreen hack, however, there's another game-breaking glitch that appears in another level.

For now, I recommend you DO NOT use the widescreen hack for Sly Cooper 1 until we can get it fixed.
Sly 2 and 3 are fine.
Alright, thank you! I'll deal with it.
I think it's fixed now! Download the latest widescreen archive and the entire game should be good.

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