Odd "boxes" showing up around some text and images
Not too sure what is going on, never had these happen before. Messed a bit with my setting (when I didn't need to) when I went to play Kingdom Hearts a few days ago. I thought I reverted everything back to normal, but they are still there.

.Hack never used to have these
[Image: iqisywoWeD6AX.png]

It happens when I use any Native or custom res

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[Image: ieF0WUt1l3NLS.png]

These are my GS settings. Using DX9 with SSE4 because it seems to work better than DX11. Using custom, but the problem occurs with 6x native as well.
That's pretty known here: Up scaling glitch

1. Keep using Native

2. Tried unchecking Texture Filtering?
Oh, turning off the texture filtering seemed to work. Didn't think it would be something that simple, thank you for the help
Alternatively you could try the 1.0 release GSdx and toy with the hardware rendering "Wild Arms offset" hack.
Can that be toggled ingame to see the effect or does the game need a reboot?
When u change a setting in the graphics plugin it usually reloads the current game screen to apply it, so if it works you'll notice, also Upscaling the native resolution tends to not play nice with 2d graphics in games I noticed. I play at 3-4x native res, so I have gotten used to that kind of stuff, it'll either be the texture filtering doing it, or upping the res above native. I've personally just learned to ignore it, it usually doesn't block anything important. The emulator is really execellent, its not perfect in some area's like disc swapping to name one, but other than that I am very happy with it. Only game so far I cannot play on it is dw5 empires, once the battle screen loads the graphics lock up, tried all diff settings and 4 diff versions of graphical plugins, nothing has worked, not even software mode fixes it.

Also a word of advice, use the direct X 11 plugin if you can, it has far better performance than the dx9 one does from my personal testing. You need vista (or win 7/8) and a dx11 capaible card to use it, though I think dx10 also will work. its a dx10/11 plugin I believe. MS decided like idiots to not have dx11 support in winxp to try to force people to switch to vista/win7, not many games today use dx10 or 11, and the ones that do, you usually can get far better performance out of dx9 with only a tiny loss of graphical effects.
you could also invert the custom resolution so the horizontal is wider than the vertical

I have found in several games now, that Geforce cards are able to use a higher vertical resolution before artifacts begin to appear.

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