Odd graphics with smooth gameplay help?
Hi guys, just got a new pc and am trying out this emulator. I dusted off my old ps2 games and they are running smooth yet im getting weird problems with the graphics.

1. Odd screen shake on start up until I get in game then its gone. Is this normal or is there a way to make it stop.

2. cutscene flicker and distortion.
[Image: FM50.png]

3. Weird kinda of distorted/plaid effect on some backgrounds.
[Image: FM51.png]
[Image: FM52.png]
[Image: FM53.png]

Game is Front Mission 5 im playing here, but in general its every game. Just wondering if anyone has a particular setup or plugin config to rectify these if they are common problems. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this and a fix is greatly appreciated.

PC im using is:
AMD-FX4100 Processor
8GB ram
64bit OS
Raedon 6770GPU

Game speed and sound are fine, just the graphic glitches so far. After messing with all the settings in the plug ins, DX9, and 11 hardware both run smooth but cause the gaphics glitch. On software it is gone but runs at half the speed.

Also are their any fixes to Valkyrie Profile 2 or is that just straight up not compatible, seemed like the graphic glitches in that were more severe than any other game I tried.

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to your GSdx.ini and use skipdraw 2(in GSdx config after setting the above in ini) for FM5, it can brake shadows if I recall. I tried to make it better once with a custom hackfix myself, but whenever I fixed shadows, movies were glitched like hell;P soo I guess you cannot really do better with this game, if you use an emulator you need to remember not everything is emulated properly that's why developement pretty much never stops untill the project dies, live with it;3.

For screen shaking - which is completely normal for most NTSC games - press F5 a few times untill it stops, you can also select choosen interlacing from gsdx config.

Oh and for VP2, only mist in the forest is bugged;3, you can more or less blindly pass through it and play through the game normally, it's pretty short location anyway, through I guess something similar is much later in the game too.
Ahhh so its a game thing not a settings thing thanks. As you can see in the screens, its the backgrounds thats doing it not the main stuff of focus so its not a huge deal. Anyway played it for like 30mins on software last night and it did a decent job keeping a normal speed of about 30-50fps so it was playable for sure. Thanks for the info, will probably have to do hardware for cut scenes and software for gameplay lol. Dint realize its just the opening area thats bugged in VP2 as well, thanks for that as well Smile
Does software fix the shadows in VP2 as well?

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