Odd gray lines?
Hi. I thoroughly enjoy being able to take old PlayStation 2 games, put them in a computer, connect a PlayStation 4 controller, and play away, and everything (except mip-map issues in some games) is perfect with PCSX2 for doing just that. But I've noticed one issue that is really bugging me, and in fact I've made a forum account -only- to ask about this very issue.

[Image: derp_by_thezeroteam-d9huswp.png]
(Click the image for double resolution so you can see it better.)

Every second vertical pixel, everything seems darker. Not fully black, just darker. It doesn't matter if I play at the native resolution with a small window, full 1920x1080 internal resolution at 1920x1080 full-screen, or even native resolution at 1920x1080 full-screen, every second vertical pixel shown (not necessarily every second internal-rendering-pixel) is darker.

I have an nVidia GeForce GTX 970 GPU, and I use the default graphic plug-in. Regardless of whether I run in software or hardware, DirectX 9 or 11, the gray lines are there, although the OpenGL renderer doesn't have the lines... but I won't use that, since... well, there's no mip-mapping issues in most games I like, so I wanna play in 1080p, and the OpenGL renderer only supports the native resolution. Plus the DirectX renderers probably look better and have less glitches, too.

I've observed this in Rayman Revolution (PAL (thus why the window title says 50 FPS in the image), played straight from the disc) and Sonic Heroes (PAL, same). I haven't played any other games on PCSX2 on my new desktop, but I assume the same goes for other games.

If any additional info is needed, ask away. (Oh, and I have a 64-bit Windows 10.)

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Press F7 several times until it is gone. This is a hidden feature that will soon get its own gui element on linux and windows. So far it is considered as 'easter egg'. Wink
...Oh. Thank you very much. I suppose I might've hit F7 instead of F5 once when switching between hardware and software. Now I can go back to re-playing most of my childhood in full HD (except games with mip-map issues, which will be at the native resolution). Again, thank you very much. I think the lack of a GUI element is what caused me to not know how to fix it, despite searching all over the internet.

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