Odd memory card saving issue
Hey there, I'm running into a memory card issue where I would attempt to save in game (Persona 4) and I would proceed normally until I actually press X to save into an empty slot.

The emulator "successfully" reads the memory card in the slot and when I select a slot to save in, the game sort of "half" freezes and I am stuck at the save screen. I say half, because the music continues playing, there aren't any other signs glitches or slowdown and there doesn't seem to be any error in the console. I can still use save states and all the short cuts during this moment as well but I would like to be able to use the PS2 memory card as well.

Any insight is appreciated.

Playing: Persona 4

i7 970
560 Ti
Intel SSD

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PCSX2 version? Have you used that memory card with a really old PCSX2 version? Like 0.9.4 or before
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'm using 0.9.8.r4600.

This is my first time ever using PCSX2; so it can't be possible for that to be the case.

Thanks for the reply!
Check if this help, go to the memory card option in the option menu, untick the box, restart ur game and try again, in worst case u would need to make a savestate and remake ur memory card.

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