Odd thing - Kingdom Hearts II
Is there a reason why Kingdom Hearts II Final mix is fully playable while Kingdom Hearts II isn't?

Aren't they the same game but KHIIFM has some bonus features and movies?
Or does it have to do with the JAP/NA bios?

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Uh I think Kingdom hearts II is fully playable Oo
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if you're looking at the list of compatible games, it's really not up-to-date

.hack works fine, but I checked the list when I first wanted to play it, and it said it wasn't working
yeh currently the compat list is just a rough estimate.

pretty much any game listed as playable will work on some version of pcsx2 (maybe not the latest version though if a regression occurred).
but many games listed as not playable are now playable.

btw i haven't beaten kh2 on pcsx2 so, i can't say for sure its playable... but i think it is.
i've beaten 3 of the .hack games (the series that starts with .hack infection) so i can confirm they're playable.
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Both KH1 and 2 are beatable. At least I've beat em with the current revision.
Oh ok, so it pretty much was an outdated list.
Actually the compatibility list only shows the PAL version as ingame and being tested only with 0.9.4, the ones tested with 0.9.6 are marked playable should have been a hint ;<
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