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Oddity in Lillipad?
I'm running 1.4.0.  My lillipad doesn't lose its configuration per say, but every once in a while I've had to go in and re-map all of my buttons.  Windows 10 64bit, SCP drivers (whatever was the latest version I could find linked on here), PS3 controller via usb.

That said, I just moved over to the other plugin (pop something.. dont remember what right now) and it seems to be working fine.  Anyone else experience any issues like this?
amd tr 1950x                                             |       Intel core i7 3770
asrock x399 taichi                                      |       16gb Crucial Ballistics Sport Ram
XFX Radeon rx570                                      |        EVGA GTX 750 ti sc
32gb gskill ddr4-3200                                  |        Win 10 home
Windows 10 Pro                                         |         Alienware x51
nzxt 340 case

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