[Official Comment Thread] Pcsx2 svn snapshots and user-compiled svn revs
Ok people, all your comments on Pcsx2 official svn snapshots or svn revisions you compiled on your own go in here Smile New thread after the merge Tongue

Note this is not for bug reports, but for things like : considerations on speed, improvements, the like.... Anything you feel the team should know Smile

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svn snapshots bug in The Getaway Black Monday raport
in older version textures are normal

and one thing black monday work the best on first version of the playground (or last version of pcsx2 0.9.5 )
nothing improved all the time of rev version sad Sad

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i know exactly what that is. But i get images of a "barge pole" when thinking about it Tongue2
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Gauntlet seven sorrows.
Pcsx2 console say that this is not PS2 disk, then crashed.
Tryed with rev. 655-vtlb and rev. 464 with different settings and plugins.
With rev. 563-vm i can reach to ingame.
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Well, i know it's an issue from many revs ago, but...

Somewhere between rev 455 and 477, FFXII CG's perfomance dropped about 5 fps.
Same config with both rev, same plugins, and with 455 i get about 40 fps (from 50, PAL version) and 35 fps with 477.

Maybe it's due to a better emulation of some part, but i think it's a noticeable drop to write a post about it Wink

pcsx2-r528 get some awesome speed up!

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No more slowdowns in Persona 4! (at least in south Shopping District, will check battles later Tongue )

still that same bug and fps less than 0.9.5 version


sad Sad
As I wrote before, Godzilla - Save The Earth [pal] doesn't go to the intro anymore since between r478 and r491^^
I just would like to know why...
Can someone upload r532 please? I'm not in position to download 4gb visula studio with my mobile connection. Would like to check it with some games.

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