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[Official Comment Thread] Pcsx2 svn snapshots and user-compiled svn revs
I compiled a revision without NTFS compression (big win), and with VU caching at 300. On the other hand 300 and 100 is not a big difference and windows looked like it would like to do some swapping.

However considering I'd like to use the same memcard on both windows and Linux, NTFS compression would be too risky.

Is there a Linux snapshot? I have a x64 Debian with NVidia driver, and the compilation script doesn't allow for a -M32 switch. (32 bit target)

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No posting of external links to builds.
So I build myself the emu from r548, and I don't know when this happened, but Beyond Good & Evil can finally get past the "No DualShock analog controller detected" screen that's still the case in 0.9.5 betas. It still shows the screen for a fraction of a second but then recognizes the pad and lets you in the game. It's not very playable though. Laugh

With GSdx dx9 hardware it looks like some kind of layer that is supposed to be transparent or something is drawn in black, and as such you can't really see anything. Tongue2 I'm not saying that this is what happens, but that is what it looks like. It makes really artsy effects in the opening sequence. Tongue GSdx software seems to render it all okay though. Some sound related problems are there too, music looping and stuff like that

But it's progress! And I'm just happy that I'm one step closer playing this game again. Laugh

Great work guys!
After the new memcard changes, pcsx2 looked for my memcards in a completely different folder, "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\memcards". This was with default settings in "pcsx2-r553.exe" on Windows7 64bit. (deleted every ini before trying this build)

And would it be possible to bring back the ability to view content of memorycard in the MemoryCard Config options?
I liked it, and it seemed to be almost the only thing working of the options.
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More progress on Beyond Good & Evil, woo! Build the suite from revision 627 earlier today, and the sound problems in the beginning of the game are gone. The issues were coming from the core of the emu it seems, since all sound plugins shared it, and now they are gone. Woo!

Still can't test any further though because I don't have the juice to play it in GSdx software mode.
Not sure if it's the right place (or if I should create a new thread), but I noticed that the emulator no longer synchronizes the bios' date and time to the computer's. I found that it started with revision 635-636 (one of the two, since 635 wasn't compilable).

Forgot to mention:
For some reason, the memory card configurator has some troubles with absolute paths; it forgets the drive letter every time i access it.
Even if i input the path manually, once i click Ok, it is saved without the drive letter (means i have to directly edit pcsx2.ini to fix it).
Since i keep my memcards in a separate folder (as in c:\emu\pcsx2 and c:\saves\memcards), it's quite annoying.
Rig: [email protected]/2gb DDR2-5300/MSI HD4670 512M/Intel P5K Pro/XP Pro SP3 & Win7 RC1
The riddles of code which vexed the Memcard and CDVD bugs as reported should be un-riddled now:

Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Memcards and bios time work correctly now. Cheers!
Rig: [email protected]/2gb DDR2-5300/MSI HD4670 512M/Intel P5K Pro/XP Pro SP3 & Win7 RC1
hi ppl,
i was wondering, where would i put the new beta (where i had the the pcsx2 betas, where i had the playground ones, or where i had version 0.9.4) Blush
Windows 7 64bit
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 OC to 3.6GHz, Intel GMA x4500, 1GB DDR2

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