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[Official Comment Thread] Pcsx2 svn snapshots and user-compiled svn revs
(05-19-2015, 04:10 AM)karasuhebi Wrote: Uh...what?

This is a thread for providing user compiled builds. anything wrong ? Tongue2
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Ohhh. Didn't know. Thanks!
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Hi there,

would anyone be kind enough to provide a debug compiled version? :-)
Just the lastest rev?
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whatever there is available :-)
Ok, I'll get on it
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You said debug, but I guess you meant devel considering you don't seem to have access to VS.

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.7z   pcsx2-cee0b79-windows-devel-x86.7z (Size: 4,91 MB / Downloads: 183)
I got vs2010, whats devel? well i need to be able to trace floating point register usage at a certain point in a game, i hope i can do it with that version. thank you.
Uh you might can do that with the internal debugger of PCSX2 actually. Not sure.
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