[Official Comment Thread] Playground release version 1.0.0395
Ok people, all your comments on release 1.0.0395 go in here Smile

Note this is not for bug reports, but for things like : considerations on speed, improvements, the like.... Anything you feel the team should know Smile

If you want to just drop a thank you instead, post here

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linux version for download?
It's up now, sorry we forgot in the release chaos. You can download it from the announcement post, here
Attachment to first post Smile
Wow, great move. I think it was totally necessary Smile

A simple question: now, as a tester of the pp versions from more than half a yer ago, must I use the 417pp version at 4shared, or this one for now on?
errr, well, you can use the version you prefer. If you find any bugs, feel free to report Smile

I suppose you were one of the people commenting on googlecode, you can still do that if you want. But if you want to report game bugs, you can do it here. Just read the sticky topic Smile
The point of the version question is knowing, at this moment, which one is the newest one and, then, use it.

And other question is if the PP version that we're been testing always is the base of this new "project" Smile

Man, I feel really limited beacuse of my basic english xD. The thing was quite more simple: Do we continue testing the PP versions of 4shared as usual?

OK, this release, Pcsx2 Playground 1.0.0395, is svn 395. It's not the newest, because we had to test and that took time.

The files on 4shared are newer, if you want to test those you can, it is fine. We need reports on both the official release and the newer ones that you can use on 4shared.
As long as the person compiles these builds, and you feel safe to use them, then you can continue to do so Tongue2
Ok, many thanx Smile

I simply had a little mess of versions and didn't know where I had to head for xD
It has certainly improved a lot compared to pcsx2 0.9.4. However, I believe that there is much space for improvement.
I've realised that my Kingdom Hearts (not sure if NTSC or PAL) game is able to run at 100% or at 70%+ minimum. However, even with the same settings, my Digimon World 4 game (once again, unsure if NTSC or PAL, will check) could only run at around 30% most of the time. At first, at the beginning of the game while it loaded, the speed shot sky high. However, in-game, especially during battles, the speed usually drops to 50%, or even 30% in some cases. In my opinion, I think its due to the fact that the graphics in Digimon World 4 is much sharper than that in Kingdom Hearts, and thus, it may be due to the graphics plugin used.

*Also, I had to change to a dufferent graphics plugin, GSDX9.dll. It showed a lot of artifacts in KH, but not a single one in DW4. The previous plugin I used was GSdx-sse2.dll. I'm not sure where I found GSDX9 though... Do take note that GSDX9 is an older version. ( GSDX9 =, whereas GSDX-SSE2 =

**Further note: I used TLB instead of VM, as I was unable to run VM version for some unknown reason.

I really enjoyed the game though. Hope you guys keep it up! DON'T GIVE UP!!

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