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Official GSdx and ZeroGS thank you thread
Ok, this is now the official thank you thread for gsdx, post here instead of filling up the support thread with thank yous

And thanks for gsdx 1.14 Smile

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Welcome to this forum, where we'll make sure to keep this thread clean!

Krakatos: You'll do that, won't you? Laugh
Yay Gabest is around,welcome Smile Thanks for the new version,although once again we have no idea whats new Tongue
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Thanks a lot Gabest for the work you put into your plugin, Very good work and thanks.

By chance do you have a SVN or a changelog around?

Note: This plug-in (0.1.14) still have graphical errors with persona 4, stick with 0.1.4
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Thanks Gabest for your great plugin. let celebrate this the new release.
Thx for the great plugin and keep up the good work Laugh
What about a thank you thread for ZeroGS?

By the way, thanks a lot Gabest for your great plugin =)
thx, great plugin and emulator.
finally i can play ff12 on my desktop
Gsdx is the best video plugin for Pcsx2. Thanks to you, Gabest, we can play our favourite games on PC^^
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