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Official thank you thread
Thank you for making the emulation look better than ever before! Biggrin
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Unbelievable, I can finally play Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex at the full speed throughout the whole game. And there is a great improvement in the other games as well (thanks to these CPU options that speed up the emulation tremendously).

Few years ago, I didn't even think that I'd ever be able to play any PS2 game on the computer, and now, I can play a great deal of it at full speed. It's true that pretty powerful computer is needed, but I don't think that would be a problem nowadays.

Thank you! Biggrin
Thank Of Group PCSX2 And All People Help To Make Better Emulation
thanks for your work grand theft auto vice city stories runs great at some points Smile
Cheers you guys.
I'm unsure of whether or not the people who started the initial pcsx2 are still working on it or if the playground continuation is all new. Regardless, I just wanted to say this is some damn fine work, and I appreciate it. My PS2 failed on me not to long ago and I've been unable to even think of buying another. I held onto all my games though and lo and behold I find pcsx2. While I can't play everything, what I can play is enough to last me a long time.

So there you have it. In the holiday spirit and whatnot, I figured I'd say thanks.
wow, well I'm sure the devs and whatnot are thankful for your comment. Not too much of that kinda 'spirit' with regards to just how 'wonderful everything is working' with the pcsx2. Usually we got our butts full of glitches and problems =P, but kudos to you big man
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Merged XD
Thanks dudes =). Don't get fly too up or you will be coming crashing down. Well keep up good work Smile
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I got the emulator and I've noticed these few bugs:

1. PCSX2 PG can play actual PS2 games. And last time i've checked, it will be classified as a sin on the awesomeness scale in many countries.

2. It brings pure pleasure to those who have lost there PS2 due to overusage, and again: giving them the pleasure of playing their fav PS2 games is a sin.

3. PCSX2 PG causes an extreme greatfulness towards the developers = also a sin.

So please developers, if you can please do something about this, or else you'll have alot of fans wanting to marry you or something --- again that's a sin. hehe. Thanx guys!

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