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Official thank you thread
I have to thank the devs of PCSX2 too. Now even Hack GU is going more ingame than how it did before.

Thank you guys!

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Thanks alot for this great emulator and all the effort the teamh as put intp it.
Keep up the great work.
PCSX2 has the best team in the world. I loved playing KH and FFX and can't wait to play KH2 without that stupid munny problem. Keep up the brilliant work.
Thanks a lot! Your emu is awesome!
A big thank you from me to all the team members of pcsx2.
I follow this project's progress for many years and i see that now the emulator is in a great stability level.
Keep on the hard work guys.....your work really makes the difference.......THANK YOU!!
c2d centrino 2 [email protected]
3gb Ram
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Windows Vista Home

AMD X2 4800+ @3.1Ghz (o/c)
Ram 3.5gb DDR2 667 @750mhz (o/c)
Nvidia 8800GT
Windows XP Sp3 Professional
Thanks guys! Playing Romance of the three kingdoms X and it is now very playable with the performance improved.
Thanks. The betas improve my game! I like the constant updates. Keep up the good work.
PCSX2 SVN-563 VTLB // C2E QX6850 @ 3.38ghz, Radeon HD 4850 512mb, 8gb DDR2-1000, Velociraptor 10000rpm 300gb, Vista Business x86-64, XB360 Wired Controller
Hey i have been watching this project for a long time...i just never had a computer that can run it well until now. Good job and keep up the great work guys.
Thx guys~!
Thank you

We expect a lot from you, KUTGW.

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