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Official thank you thread
thank u very much for supports and the program for so long time. keep it up

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Thank you very much for creating this program. Now I don't have to bring my PS2 to my dorm and play on my crappy TV. Keep up the good work!
Thanks you very much! I love your emulator so much!
Thank you very very much for coding such a wonderful emulator!!!

O' my PS2 DVDs, Rejoice!!! Bcoz you got a new place to spin (DVD drive) and entertain your Master!!!

Thanks again..looking forward to v1.0 of PCSX2...Biggrin
awesome stuff. mtvu1 was a great idea, thank you.
I want to formally thank the entire PCSX2 team, past and present, for their hard work and dedication.
This Emulator Is Amazing, It Runs Great On My Machine, I Constantly Stay At 60 FPS No Matter What Game I Play, The Gfx Are So Clear And Crisp,
To Every Person Who Was Involved With This Project, Job Well Done You Folks Are Amazing, Thank You For Delivering Such A Great Awsome Emulator!!
Keep Up The Great Work.
Just like to say thanks to everyone working on this project!

Keep up the hard work as well! I downloaded the newest version of the emulator and its making games that I couldn't run before run smooth even on 3x native. Really happy about the work you guys are putting in to constantly improve the software.
Thank you to the wonderful people who made this gem of an emulator.
Been wanting to say it for a while - thanks for everything guys. You've been working for years and don't even get paid for it. I loved the PS2 more than any system to date (except the PS3 MAYBE) mostly because of all the awesome games it had, and this saved me as my PS2 was busted to bits and thrown away ages ago (it got ran-over. Don't ask how, long story).

So this has really been a lifesaver for me. Thank you, and of course if there's anything I can do to help then let me know.

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