Offline MMOs and their Compatbility Rating
I'm concerned with how we are treating offline MMOs and their compatibility ratings. the compatibility list should be there as a measure of how well the emulator works.. but it's inherently unfair to measure the compatibility of the emulator based off of offline mmos. even if some people make private servers like what is happening for everquest is it a measure of the emulator's compatibility or are we measuring the compatibility of the private server? also does the private server how to be accurate to the original experience? what if someone creates a server with a completely new adventure nothing like the original? how do we rate that? let's say that someone created a 100% accurate private server closed-source and then takes it down? does the game's rating drop with the availability of the offline server? should we insist that the offline servers be open source before we rate the game against that server? to me this seems like a gigantic mess. the compatibility list should have an "unratable" category because it's impossible to give these games a fair rating.

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I think you're thinking too hard about this. If the private server isn't fully functional, it's true that we will only be able to call the game "ingame" or "menus" depending on how far we get, not because we're rating the private server, but because we are unable to test the game further on the emulator.

When there is an outside prerequisite, then we are beholden to it, and we can't say "oh the game seems to work but we can't test it, I'll just mark it as perfect anyway", you can't do that, because you can't test it to find out for sure. As for "unratable" it's not really worth it for what is technically 3 games, just list them as whatever rating they can get and leave it as that. I don't think our compatibility list matters that much to what their rating is, we're not going to retroactively make that game a commercial failure because it only reached menus successfully on PCSX2.
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