Oh god, 10 hours play! Gone! (Help with savestates)
I'm playing Dark Cloud, just got it to run full speed, I'm feelin' pretty good, etc., still not got the hang of saving, though. I'm wandering through the dungeon, grinding a little, generally pwning monsters hard. I find a genie in a box. Brilliant. He offers me a big box, or a little box. I tap my nose, twirl my moustache, and say: "Aha! Time to put savestates to work!" So I save to slot 0, and pick the big box. Chicken. Great, but no thanks. I try to load the state. "Incomplete save state or corrupt or something yo. Reset dat sh*t." Oh. Uh. Can I have my ten hours back?

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If anyone wants to let me know how to reconstruct the sstate, I will gladly offer smexual favours. I'll even upload it somewhere or something. (The sstate, that is.)

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If you are trying to load the state with the exact same PCSX2 build and plugins you made it with, it should work. Did you try loading it normally with F3?
It could always be corrupt, that's why we always tell people to never rely on states
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Sometimes save states get corrupted there's not much you can do about it really, as a good practice it's recommended to save both to save states and normal memory card save and when using save states save to different slots so stuff like losing 10hours of play doesnt happen much :/
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Yeah, I'm nice and stupid, and I forgot to save. Wasn't so much relying on sstates, more so relying on perpetual power to my computer.

Oh well, I'll start again later, I guess.
sort of semi-off-topic, but I remember when I was stuck having to put up with using savestates for JP Ar Tonelico 2 (this was before they got memcards working properly... Ar Tonelico and Ar Tonelico 2 were games that didn't like memcards back then) my savestate must have got corrupted a little because when i got to the loading screen just after the cutscene and dialogue for EXEC_VIENA/. the game would hang... 40 hours of gameplay, rendered useless (until they fixed the memcards)
i almost felt like i wanted to cry or something that day
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Really bad idea to use a single savestate slot, too.
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feel sorry for you but savestates have been proven unreliable since they get corrupted often and since you only used one save state you have nothing to go back on. There are no known ways of getting that save state to work again once this happens. Only advice is when playing again save as you would normally do through the memory card.

Well, as Chicken said: You have 9 slots to save to. Why only use one? Tongue2
Because if one ends up unloadable for any reason, you're in trouble. Could save, say, just before an intermittent glitch triggers or something, after having entered a state in which the glitch is inevitable.

rama: 10 states total, 9 other states to save to.

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