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Ohk need some serious help
I have the ghosting problem in god of war. A fog suddenly appears and engulfs half of the screen. This problem is even more prevalent in the Hell section of the game where the entire screen turns red. Only kratos is visible. Note that this is different from the green screen error. Now revision 2594 solves this problem but the problem is that when i compile an svn build of this revision or even the latest revision, whenever i try to run an iso from my virtual drive it says the plugin registered an error and it cannot run. Can anyone tell me the cause of this problem.
p.s. this problem started after installing visual studio but somehow uninstalling it doesnt seem to fix the problem.

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Can u give us a deetailed information regarding the computer specs, and the error log or your pcsx2 configuration (graphics) , screenshots are the best, though. Pls give us the required information
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Quote:whenever i try to run an iso from my virtual drive

linuziso should let you avoid using any virtual drive.
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what plugin gives you an error msg? cdvd or video?
post your PCSX2 Log, so that we can tell you about the Problem.

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