Ok, I am REALLY confused, (GSdx help)
Ok, trying to get Digital Devil Saga 1 to work...

I have great framerate (58 - 63 FPS), problem is I get really weird problems. At first there was a problem with the characters being drawn over stuff, but fixed this by switching to the older version of the GSdx plugin (which was posted abou on a previous forum.

but people keep saying things like GSdx rev1200 , and rev2140... and all the other stuff... yet the links I can find to anything are all labled 0.1.14, 0.9.4, and stuff like that (even in the GSdx sticky thread posted in this forums, and how one of these (pre rev1200) is suppose to be the best for Digital Devil Saga.

Can anyone please explain to me, what everyone is talking about? and where I get these releases? It's really all just confusing the heck out of me, when all I'm trying to fix is one last little glitch.

See attachment for the glitch lol

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GSdx 0.1.14 was revision 868, after that and until a final 0.1.15 all changes are just revisions in the pcsx2 googlecode repository page and there's where the talk of r1200, r2xxx etc comes from. In the main GSdx thread there was a link where you could download most of this different revisions from the main dev of the plugin but this link has since died.

Right now you can get the different revisions either compiling yourself or searching for them in google but take in count there's no real support for them in the forums. There's also the public betas on this site where you can get a somewhat recent revision of the plugins and emulator.

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OOO ok, see now it makes a LOT more sense lol

Really need to thank you for continuously telling people the same information over, and over and over again, Shadow Lady Tongue2

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