Ok so can my computer play ps 2games?
Okay so

Its a windows xp home edition

this is my graphics card:

NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

Chip: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

DAC: Integrated RAMDAC

Total memory- 256.0 MB


Processor is:

AMD Sempron [tm] Processor LE-1300
2.31 GHz, 1.93GB of Ram

If i need more info please post. Thanks

So will i be able to play it or not, or will it destory my pc?Sad Ty so much

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Short answer: No or very very poorly.

Long answer: 2d games generally require a dual core 2ghz+ system to play at full speed. The average 3d game generally requires a dual core at 3ghz+. The most demanding games require 3.5ghz+ dual cores.

Your computer is a single core at 2.1ghz with an integrated video card. Integrated video cards never work well.
Is there a way to increase the ghz lol?
You could try to overclock the computer... but it's not likely to give you anywhere near a big enough boost to make it worth it. The simple fact of the matter is, that computer will not play PS2 games at full speed. Not without some major upgrades. Not only is that computer a single core, but it's AMD's sempron line which is basically the budget (IE slow) line.
Your graphics card isnt gonna help either, you would end up playing in software mode probably which is gonna make it even slower.
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The only real solution is to upgrade your computer.
Or you can buy a new one altogether, but don't buy anything pre-built. *eww*

But for sure, you need to upgrade your processor and video card.
Do i need to buy a new graphics card or is there downloads or something for them?
You need a whole new computer.
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No download will fix that. You'll need 500 dollars (for an ok pcsx2 pc) and buy a new one.

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