Okami CRC issue with GSdx Ogl HW
Hi! Hopefully I'm posting in the right subforum. Feel free to move it if I'm not.

My screencap says pretty much it all. Okami [NTSC] looks unplayable when using anything lower than Full as a CRC hack level while using Ogl HW. It's like the post processing FX (which disappear if using Full CRC Hack Level) get washed on top of frame after frame (like they're not getting flushed or something). Menus look fine though.

GS usage goes to 100% and my emulation speed halts to 30fps (around half speed) if I'm using 1080p as an internal resolution. Speed is normal when using 1x Native (so this phenomenon affects GS performance severely).

Happens both in v1.4.0 stable revision as well as in this git build (v1.5.0-dev-1498-g42b5161) from couple of days ago. There have been people reporting they've gotten this to work so I'm wondering if I'm missing something in terms of settings. None of the HW hacks seem to make a difference. Both the AVX and AVX2 versions of the plugin are affected.

Speedhacks on or off make no difference. This screen cap was taken with all the Speedhacks ticked on, EE cyclerate at 180%, no VU Cycle Stealing

My computer Specs:

CPU: i5 4670K @ 4.4 GHz
GPU: GTX 680 2GB
Ram: 16GB @ 1600Mhz
OS: Win 7

I appreciate all the help and advice in advance!  Smile

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Have you tried setting the resolution to one of the Native scaling resolutions instead of Custom and turning off widescreen hacks?
Huh? Weird. It seems to be working now.

Starting the game with Widescreen Patches disabled and enabling it on the fly seem to have fixed it (PCSX2 defaults to widescreen patches on so I had never tried without them). Apparently it's normal behavior you can't disable Widescreen patch once it's enabled without pcsx2 relaunch? Works in custom resolution too (which never seemed to be the culprit in the first place). 

The other possibility is Nvidia drivers: I updated them (in search of solution) but didn't reboot; this'd be the very first driver issue I've had with my GPU.  Blush

Problem solved!  Smile

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