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Bositman, i hope i am not overiding any rules this time.

I have problems whith Okami. The gameplay and sound is slow so it isnt any fun that way
PC details:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
2.50 GHZ
Nvidea Geforce GT 220 whith 1024 mb memory

I upgraded the following things :
- my video card driver
- direct x
- the latest gsdx plugin
- Microsoft Visual C+

Some object also got black spots what not supposed to happen. like a stone whith black + gray skin what normally just should be gray

Any ideas how i can speed it up? (not overclocking) i configured everything good using the guide on the site.
Can it be the ISO file (not saying which. its against the rules)
Any suggestions?

(Not allowed to post images because they refer to an link)

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You are. You admitted of downloading the game 2 hours ago. We do NOT give support for downloaded material, even if you don't give links or names. Since you downloaded the game, any error you have COULD be due to some crap 'warez release' you downloaded. Plus to keep us safe from lawsuits, we refuse to give support in these cases.
Come back after you bought the game and you will get support. For now, thread closed.
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