Okami - Need help
Hi there. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Weird question but does anyone have any save files right before the fight with Evil Bane for PCSX2?

Recently was playing Okami on my PS2 and had this bizarre glitch in the miniature world where it skipped a whole section and it basically locked me in an area where I couldn't get out and it ruined my save file. I would have to go back about 2 hours to an old save file to start again!

So I've decided to try emulating and see if anyone could provide me a good save file... A long shot I know. Thanks

Also does anyone know if it would even run on my system?

i7 2600
Internal graphics 1.5Gb share
8gig 1600mhz DDR 3

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the internal graphics will hold you down big time, why no nvidea or amd gpu?

for the savegame thing, just go do that 2 hours again its over before you know it Wink

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