Okami Rice Paper filter
Hi all,

I would like to thank all those working on PCSX2. I remember using it many years ago and it has sure come a very, very long way.

Nowadays I can run most titles at full speed native resolution without even touching the default settings, and I'm not the kind of person to care about going higher than native as long as everything runs smooth.

I came back to PCSX2 to see if I could give the PS2 version of Okami another shot. At this moment the PS2 version remains to me the most artistically definitive version of the game as it has the beautiful rice paper filter (stripped from the Wii version although present in PS3) and the even more beautiful ending credits video (apparently this prerendered video was lost following Clover's shutdown).

However, currently everything in Okami that I've tested works perfectly so far except for the paper filter, which is absent. Switching to GSDX software mode brings back the bloom effect but the paper texture still doesn't appear.

Has anyone managed to get this effect? I myself am not well versed in emulator programming but I would also like to understand what component(s) of PCSX2 might be preventing the filter from working. Lastly, is this worth bringing forward a bug report, or at least a feature request?

If I have a spare minute today I'll research some reference comparison photos and link to those, as well as my reference screenshots.
EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PILTFUYwPAI This is a decent comparison IMO. The Wii version is especially lacking. The PS3 version looks very good but it's missing the end credits which honestly are very important to me.


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Personally i'm well aware of that filter missing, and despite having no clue as to why this is, i must say i quite liked the gameplay without it. When playing with a keyboard, painting is hard enough already without having to guess where you're drawing Tongue

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