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Well I'm currently playing Okami on the emulator using the GSdx 3693 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 [gsdx-sse2-r3878] plugin (that's a mouth full) in Direct3D11 Hardware
Interlacing Weave bff (saw-tooth) Up-scaled to 1920 X 1080
Its looks amazing and runs perfectly at 60 frames with some drops but nothing big.
But there is one major problem. The screen doesn't changed to the scroll paper with the ink pot when I use the Celestial Brush. Now I know an obvious fix is go into software mode but then I can't run it as well.

Is there any kind of solution I can use for Hardware mode?

My hardware is this
GPUs: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 x2 (though I believe the emulator only supports single gpu)
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4
CPU speed: 3.5 ghz
RAM: 4 gigs

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Don't know that game but the internal resolution (the upscaling) seen wrong (don't mistake it for what you see in the actual screen), a more meaningful setup would be something like 1080x1080, or x2, x3... and so on.

after that you can setup the "external" resolution at the "window settings" under the "Video (GS)" to your heart desire.
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Thanks for the resolution help but that's not what the problem was.

An in game mechanic is where a second layer is placed over the game screen. It looks like this
[Image: Celestial_Brush_image.jpg]

What's happening is that the effect isn't being seen, the screen doesn't go sepia tone, there is no scroll border, and the ink jar/bowl is not present. Only the brush is seen and the brush strokes.
Now I can play the game just fine, since the idea is be quick with the brush strokes. But not seeing the draining ink does cause some problem in some parts.
Its a layering issue not a resolution issue.
This is an old GSDX issue in hardware mode : to fix it play with software mode or live with it.
Okami uses some shabby logic to draw that layer so it probably won't get fixed.
Also the things that do not work include : the hit counter on enemies , the Veil of Mist circles (which show how many time u have left before veil of mist ends), the bubbles in the underwater dragon palace etc..
I noticed that adjusting the camera so the wolf isn't in the view restores some these elements (except for the brush canvas)
Hello folks,

I have a little question on the gamepad emulation (I use lilypad) with Okami.

When using Celestial Brushes, the Analog Sticks doesn't seem to register the whole 360°s possible.
I can't paint any celestial paintings because my analog sticks only have one speed (full go) and they have only 8 directions (N,E,S,W and NE,ES,,SW,WN).
When testing the device, I get exact values and 2 axes are shown when I go with the analog stick 1 to NE (for example). But PCSX / the plugin just ignores it.

Or does the game really just have such a bad control? I have Okami for my Wii and there it ran ok, but I'd like to play it on the PC.

My gamepad is a PS2 dual analog clone from eBay, works fine in every, has been used a 1000 times and it usually works in fine-controlling.

Maybe I overlooked some setting in the plugin config or the emulator config?

Anything welcome!
Shame on me.
I didn't activate the analog-button on my gamepad /o\ Problem solved. If it isn't activated, the analog stick and the digital cross are the same.
SOrry for any bothering Smile

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