Okami gameplay problem((
In this game, towards the end, there is a place, where you have to steal clothes from a girl in the waterfall. To do this, you must go slowly.
The question is, how to go slow when playing on the keyboard. When I click on walking forward, the wolf immediately begins to run. Sad
When playing on PS2 you should be slightly pressing analog in the needed direction to go slowly, but how to do this playing on the keyboard?
Version 0.9.6, please help, and sorry for not very good "google translate" english.

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If you use the LilyPad controller plugin you cna adjust the sensitivity of the controller, something like 0.5 or lower should make it move slower. You can also adjust the sensitivity and set it for other keys than your regular ones if you want.
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Thank you very much, this really works!

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